Clothes Pin Game

All the Guest are given a clothes pin and the guests are not allowed to cross their legs. Any baby shower guest who is caught crossing their legs gets their clothes pin taken away from the person that caught them. The Person with the most clothes pins wins a prize.

Baby Bottle Thaw

put the baby bottle in the small plastic shooter cups and fill with water and freeze . At the Party give one to everyone and tell them the baby wants the bottle, they have to melt the ice by breathing on it or holding it, whoever gets their bottle out first wins.

Guess the Bibs Lottery

When the guests arrive, ask them "Guess how many bibs will the mother will get in her gifts". Write the guests name on a piece of paper with the number. Have someone count the total number of bibs after all gifts are opened. The person with the closest guess wins a prize. (Materials: Paper and pen) you can select another thing like "Bottle", "socks", "rattle", etc

Celebrity Baby

Prior to the baby shower, go through magazines cutting out 15 different pictures of babies. Go through different magazines and cut out baby heads and celebrity bodies. Paste the baby heads onto the celebrity bodies. Try to use a variety of celebrities from different era's too as to accommodate the different ages of your guests. You can either use a giant poster board and paste the pictures onto it or you can paste the pictures to cardstock and laminate each one. Don't forget to number each one and write down the celebrity. each guest has try to guess the name of the celebrity. The one who guesses the most correctly wins.

The Seventh Gift

We all know that the single lady who catches the bride's wedding bouquet is said to become the next bride. In The Seventh Gift, it is not so much a baby game shower but more of a fable that says that the giver of the seventh gift unwrapped will be the next expecting mother. Play some music while passing the present around, when the music stops, the guest left holding it unwraps the gift , then the music starts again and the New gift is passed, then every time the music stops, another Gift is removed until someone finally unwraps the Seventh gift and that is the winner.

Baby Name

One more popular among the various baby shower games to play is the Baby Names. For this game everyone can join. Create a small circle and then get the first letter of the soon to be momís name. For example the motherís name is Elizabeth, use the letter E. In the big circle let each guests give a name that starts with the letter E. Continue giving out names, remember that the names should not be repeated. Anyone who repeats a name will be taken out of the circle and also those who runs out of names.

Penny Game

Have two pennies from the same year, you'll have a different year for each guest. Example: 15 guests, 30 pennies, 15 different years. When guests come in they are given a penny and the other penny is put in a jar. When all the guests have arrived the Mother has to select a penny and the person with that corresponding year tells a little about himself , how they know the Mother, and maybe a little story about the new Mom. After everyone has spoken the Mom has to put her pennies into the jar and selects one for a prize.

Tinkle In The Pot

Materials: two quarters for each baby shower participant, masking tape, pickle jars or glass bowls, balloons )
Group participants in teams of 4 or 5. Be sure to have two quarters for each person and jars/dishes as there are teams. Place a tape strip at a stalling line on the floor. Have teams line up behind the starting line. Place jars across the room from each team. Baby shower contestants must place the quarter between their knees and waddle to the jar. They must drop the quarter in the jar (tinkle in the pot). Rules no hands allowed, If the person misses or drops the quarter along the way the must start over. Each teammate had to go twice. The first team to make all of their potty runs will win prizes.

Giving birth

Split all the baby shower guest into 2 teams give each person a balloon , when you shout Go each team has their first member blow up their balloons and stuff it up their top , when they finish placing it in their top , the second and then third team member does the same until the entire team is pregnant , when the last person of the team becomes pregnant the first person needs to give birth and pop out the balloon with out using hand until the whole team have popped their balloons, the quickest team wins.

Baby name hunt

(Material plastic eggs , marker ) Label an Alphabets on each egg hide the eggs around the house , The goal of the baby shower game is to find out egg with different alphabets and complete the name. the first place goes to the person who complete the most name.


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