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Baby Picture Match Game
To play the Game first of all you have to ask all the guest to bring their childhood Picture, all these pictures are pinned up on the board assigning a number or letter to each one. during the game pass out the paper sheets to guest so they can name each baby photo to the appropriate grown up, the assigned number or letter can help the guests to match. The one who guesses the most correct wins the game

Baby Item Toss
In this part of the game the mother has to be seated on a chair in the middle of the room holding a garbage bag this garbage bag contains small baby items ( like-- rattles , socks ,shoes etc.), the Guests have to guess that how many items are in the garbage bag, the closest one wins, while mommy keeps the items.

Connect the Sperm to The Egg
This game is the most exciting and the funniest one , if you know the game called "Pin the tail on the Donkey" then this should not be hard for you, in this game you have to cut out baby's pictures from the magazine and give it to the blind folded contestant, the contestant has to paste the picture to the separate mother's picture (preferably a group photo), whoever pastes the picture closest to the mother wins the game.

Guess What Baby Item
Another enjoyable baby shower game for the mother, Get all baby items on a table before mother can see. A blind fold mother has to guess the items while the guest can help her giving hints.

Baby trivia
If you Think you know a lot about babies? Itís time to prove it! Put together a simple baby related quiz with questions that will have everyone guessing. Some great examples are "How many nappies does a baby use in one year?" and "How often does the average newborn feed"

The Rice and Safety Pins game
Using a fishbowl, or a large bowl, fill it halfway with dry rice. Mix in the small safety pins with the rice. Blindfold your guests using only one hand, let them find as much pins as they can in one minute. The guest who will be able to find the most will win.

Name the baby animals
The object of this game is to take the name of a baby animal and tell what it is called when it is an adult. For example a baby Lion is called a Cub. The guests get a list of baby animal names and must write in what the adult name is. So in the example they would have got the name, Cub and had to provide the name Lion. This game is most fun when using baby animal names that are unusual or not commonly known.

Baby Charades
Divide your guests into two teams, and then send them in two different rooms, so teams can not hear each other. They have to write down, on ten slips of paper you provide (donít forget a pen!) ten different words or phrases that have something to do with babies. Here are two examples: 1) Dirty Pampers, 2) Buttons and Bows. Tell each team not to make it too easy. Then when theyíre ready, put the folded slips into two separate bowls and play Baby Charades! You can use lots of variations for this baby shower game idea. Try using only titles of movies that have babies in them. Or baby names, or baby food. The skyís the limit on this one.

Clothesline Game
A string or clothesline will be stretched across the room. A basket containing pins and baby clothes will also be provided.

Each player will have to take turns in hanging as many baby clothes as they can on the line within 30 seconds.

To make the challenge more difficult, while hanging clothes on the line, the player will be holding a doll and will be talking to someone over the phone.

The other players can act as the person on the other line to distract the player.

The one who hangs the most number of clothes on the line wins the game

Gerber Game
This baby shower party game involves eating baby food. Small jars for baby food will be prepared for this game.
Up to five different food flavors will be placed in each jar or depending on the choice of amount of the expectant mother.
The players will be blindfolded while tasting the first jar of flavor. The blindfold can be removed so the player can write down a guess then put back again to taste and guess the other flavors.
Most of the guesses are usually inconsistent or wrong but the player with the most correct guesses wins the game.

Changing diapers
Youíre going to need a couple of those pee-pee dolls (the ones that you put water in and they pee it out) and a bag of diapers. Contestants will get timed on how fast (and how well) they can diaper the doll before it starts to wet itself (and everything below it). Veteran mothers should whiz through while those who have yet to bring a baby home may have some trouble.

Do I Smell a Smelly Diaper
Place a little baby food, different colors, different tastes , in several diapers and fold them up well. Give each baby shower guest a sheet of paper and pen/pencil. Pass each diaper around and have each baby shower guest guess what baby food is in the diaper, without opening it .Who has most correct answer wins a prize.

Eggs in a Spoon Race
Have everyone decorate an egg like a baby. You can draw a face and hair with a marker or you can get out some glue and use glitter and yarn. Baby shower guests will be using these eggs in a spoon race. Each person is given spoon to hold between their teeth or hand and balance their newly created egg-baby while trying to cross the finish line. No hands allowed!

Watch What You Say  
One of the guest or member write down everything what Mother says , while she is opening each baby gift. When she has finished opening all the gifts, tell the guests that you would like to read something to them! , you may have unusual and funny response from her. its a fun game.


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